Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Industrial Cooling Equipment Ltd offer cost-effective, preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts, prolonging the lifespan of any Commercial Air Conditioning system and complete compliance with current F Gas regulations.

One of the fastest growing areas of our business is Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts, which is why we have invested a lot of time in tailoring our Maintenance packages to give optimum performance to your system.

Today’s inverter-driven systems are extremely energy efficient, but only when they are maintained to the highest standards. Blocked filters, clogged indoor coils, dirty condensers and under charged systems will mean an inverter compressor will have to work harder and longer at full speed to maintain the desired room temperature.

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As well as poor efficiency, blocked and dirty indoor coils along with slime-ridden drip trays are a breeding ground for bacteria which can become a hygiene or health and safety issue. Regular cleaning and treatment of coils, drip trays and drain lines with specialist fluids will eliminate bacteria and odour.

It is now a legal requirement that the equipment owner ensures that leak checks are carried out least once per year on any plant that has more than 3kg of refrigerant in it and to keep records to show that this has been carried out by an engineer that holds a current refrigerant handling license. All systems with Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts with ICE Ltd include our F Gas Compliance Package which will ensure peace of mind and total compliance with all F Gas regulations. More information can be found on our F Gas Compliance Package and F Gas Regulations pages.


Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Taking out a Maintenance Contract on your Air Conditioning systems with ICE Ltd will help to ensure:

  • Longevity of life
  • Money saving and energy efficiency
  • Improved staff efficiency, comfort and air quality
  • Reduce the risk of breakdowns or replacement costs
  • Compliance with all F Gas legislation


Air Conditioning Maintenance Checks

Maintenance checks by ICE Ltd on Air Conditioning systems include the following:

  • Checks carried out by Engineers that hold a current F Gas Refrigerant Handling Qualification
  • Full system check:
    • Checking of system running pressures
    • Checking of system temperatures
    • Checking of system control
    • Fault code check
    • Main component check i.e. Compressors, Indoor fan, Outdoor fan, Condensate Pumps etc.
  • Filters cleaned
  • Evaporator Coil sprayed with specialist fluid – improves efficiency, disinfects ensuring hygiene, and reduces odors
  • Outdoor Condenser cleaned with specialist fluid – improves efficiency, removes dirt build up allowing greater air flow, brightens coil
  • Fascias/Housings cleaned
  • Drains/Condensate Pumps cleaned
  • Full leak check in line with current legislation
  • Full system report on each system
  • Each system asset tagged with system details including refrigerant charge logged on our system as part of our Refrigerant Management Plan


Leak Checks

Leak checks by ICE Ltd on Air Conditioning systems include the following:

  • Checks carried out by Engineers that hold a current Refrigerant Handling Qualification
  • All flared connections checked for leaks on both indoor and outdoor units
  • All other connections on indoor unit checked for leaks
  • All other connections on outdoor unit checked for leaks
  • All accessible pipe work checked for leaks
  • Leak checks carried out with electronic leak detector or spray when necessary
  • Documentation to prove leak test has been completed – signed by Engineer and client


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