As the nights draw in so does the ban on R22

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Nearly 20 years since global concerns about ozone depletion led to the first controls of HCFCs, we are now just months away from the total ban of use and storage of R22 gases. EC Ozone Regulation (No 1005/2009) comes into effect on 1st January 2015 and companies breaching the R22 regulations could face big fines, the shutdown of their site, or both.

After 31st December 2014 any breakdown in the refrigeration circuit of systems currently using R22 will no longer be serviceable. This will mean that as soon as the unit breaks down the building that houses it will cease to be operational – this will pose a huge risk to reputation and business continuity. There is only a few months and a handful of weeks, to make necessary upgrades – and as the ban date approaches the demand on those companies with the expertise to make those upgrades is soaring.

Above taken from ACW magazine September 2014.

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