Design & Build of New Chillstore, North Wales

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ICE have just completed the design and build of a new insulated Chillstore enclosure, along with the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the refrigeration systems to maintain the room at the desired operating temperature of 5 oC.

The work comprised of the construction of the new coldstore enclosure, including all insulated walls, doors and ceiling, together with all flashings, fixings and sealants.

The coldstore is built on the existing finished floor and is an L Shape, approximately 6.1m long x 5.1m wide with a ceiling height of 2.7m.

The main access to the coldstore is via a 1.5m x 2.0m sliding door. The door is operated via a Fermod auto door kit, with both horizontal and vertical safety sensors. The door automatically closes after an adjustable preset amount of time. A door switch is also installed to alarm locally after a pre set and adjustable period of time set to 30 seconds of the door being left open.

To serve the above enclosure are two refrigeration systems to maintain the room temperature between 2 oC and 8 oC, 24 hours per day / 365 days per year.

To serve the coldstore we selected two independent, direct expansion refrigeration systems operating on R407F refrigerant, utilising fully housed packaged condensing units and ceiling mounted evaporator coolers.

Each installed system is capable of 12.38kw of refrigeration duty, providing a total duty of 24.76kw under the conditions specified.

The two systems run together, with each independently capable of maintaining the desired room temperature in the event of a failure or whilst the other is defrosting. This provides a fully flexible run and standby operation for the room.

The condensing units are from the Danfoss Optyma Plus range and contain a Danfoss scroll compressor, integral condenser fans, filter drier, sight glass and automatic safety controls. In the event of a fault condition, the controller on the units displays specific fault codes to identify the issue precisely, as well as sending a fault signal to the internal control panel and to the clients BMS.

The condensing units are positioned externally in an existing plant area.

The evaporator coolers are of copper tube/aluminium fin construction and manufactured by Searle. Defrosting of the evaporators and drip trays is via electrical defrost heaters installed within the coolers.

Coolers are installed at high level at each end of the room and supported from hangers fixed to the structure of the building.

All refrigeration pipe work is supported using standard insulated pipe clamps.

All suction lines are insulated using fire retardant Armaflex.

Services are ran, fixed to equally spaced Unistrut hangers above the enclosure, before descending down to each set of coolers. Access to the void is via an insulated access hatch installed in the enclosure ceiling.

Drains from each cooler are ran in white plastic pipe to condensate pumps installed at each end of the room.

An IP65 control panel housing ID985LX Eliwell controllers to serve each system along with all breakers, contactors, and run/fault lamps is installed at the front of the enclosure facing the corridor.

We installed energy efficient LED lighting, operated via PIR sensors providing a minimum of 300 lux. Emergency lighting is also installed.

Chillstore North Wales

Chillstore North Wales – Condensing Units

Chillstore North Wales Evaporator Coolers

Chillstore North Wales – Evaporator Cooler

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