Design & Build of New Coldstore, North Wales

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ICE have just completed the design and build of a new insulated coldstore enclosure, along with the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the refrigeration systems to maintain the room at the desired operating temperature of 5 oC.

The coldstore was built on an existing finished floor and is rectangular in shape, approximately 12.0m long x 5.9m wide with a ceiling height of 2.7m.

The main access to the coldstore is via a 2.0m x 2.0m automatic sliding door. The door is operated via a Fermod auto door kit, with both horizontal and vertical safety sensors.

To serve the coldstore we installed two independent, direct expansion refrigeration systems operating on R407F refrigerant, to maintain the room temperature between 2 oC and 8 oC at all times.

The two systems run together continuously, with each independently capable of maintaining the desired room temperature in the event of a failure to one of the systems or whilst the other is defrosting. This provides a fully flexible run and standby operation for the room.

ICE also installed energy efficient LED lighting, operated via PIR sensors providing a minimum lighting level of 300 lux. Emergency lighting was also installed.

The room passed a strict validation protocol, which involved installing over 25 data logging temperature sensors at different heights within the room. These recorded temperatures throughout many test runs and simulations, both with and without product in the room. The feedback from our client was that the results where the best that they had seen when validating coldstores with an average room temperature of 4.9 oC.


Coldstore 1

Coldstore 2


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