Different types and uses of commercial refrigeration

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Restaurant operators may be tempted to buy a residential refrigerator or freezer instead of investing in commercial refrigeration. But the only real benefit is price, which is quickly lost to wear and tear with the heavy use and storage requirements of the restaurant trade. Furthermore, there are legal and safety considerations that can usually only be met by using robust commercial refrigeration, like the kind supplied and maintained by Industrial Cooling Equipment Ltd. Choose the right kind of refrigeration for your business from the different types detailed below:

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers
These upright units are designed for back-of-house operations with full, solid or glass doors, or half-doors. Storage capacity is measured in cubic feet, and each unit has a number of sections to keep different foods safely stored.

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers
Restaurants requiring a large amount of cold storage may consider a walk-in option. Inside, the space can be organised with individual shelving units, with separate areas for bulky or boxed items.

Refrigerated prep tables
Refrigerated tables can be installed in a commercial kitchen or front of house prep area and are commonly used by sandwich and pizza vendors. Food to be chilled is placed inside cold storage wells, known as ‘cold rails’ and the low temperature keeps the foods fresh. Underneath, extra space can store sauces, dressings and other prepared foods. Refrigerated pizza prep tables are usually bigger to accommodate a pizza cutting board. Designed like worktops, the units are usually waist height, or 36 inches high.

Under-counter refrigerators
Under-counter refrigerators and freezers work the same as upright units, but are small enough to fit under worktops and other kitchen furniture. This means that, with careful planning, even the smallest preparation area can hold adequate cooling equipment.

They’re usually around 33 inches tall, so they can fit underneath work surfaces, and are typically used to store ingredients that need to be within easy reach on a daily basis.

Display refrigerators
These refrigerators are used at the front of house to display merchandise. They come with a glass front and shelves, arranged to provide an attractive view of the contents inside, plus easy access for customers. They are generally used for the sale of perishable goods in corner shops and bakeries, and within self-service areas of cafés and restaurants.

Bar refrigerators
Bars and pubs make heavy use of refrigeration for beverages, and there are a number of different options for this. Some bars use small commercial refrigerators behind the bar area, plus plate chillers, glass chillers and more. These units are often more aesthetically pleasing, with exteriors available in different colours and styles, as they’re often located at the front of house and need to fit in with the overall style and appearance of the bar.

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