Humidity Controlled Clean Room, North Wales

ICE have just completed the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a temperature and humidity controlled clean room, at a pharmaceutical production facility in North Wales.

The system consisted of an AHU, Water/Glycol Chiller, Munters Dehumidifier and HEPA Ceiling Diffusers.

The AHU provided an air change rate of 30 ACH and was suitable for external installation, it contained G4  and  F7 filters with magnahelic gauges, chilled water cooling coil with polyester coated fins, removable stainless steel drain tray, 12kw heater with thyristor controls and direct drive plug fan.

To provide cooling we supplied and installed an MTA water glycol chiller, along with insulated chilled water pipework.

Included within our scope of works was the supply and installation of all ductwork, insulation, volume control dampers, HEPA filters and ceiling grilles, along with all controls and wiring,

Air was be supplied to the room via insulated supply ductwork and 3no. ceiling mounted diffusers containing HEPA filters to H14. The air was returned to the AHU via return air ductwork and return air grills.

The system has been designed to operate and maintain the clean room conditions 24 hours per day/365 days per year.

The clean room is now maintaining set points of 21 degrees in temperature and 21% humidity.




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