ICE supply and install Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosure in conservation area, Kendal

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ICE can now supply and install air conditioning acoustic enclosures on our air conditioning installations.

We have recently undertaken work for a client wanting to install air conditioning at their Kendal Branch in the Lake District. The site was in a conservation area and constraints of the planning consent was that the noise level from the outdoor condensing unit were to be reduced dramatically.

To solve this issue ICE supplied and installed an air conditioning acoustic enclosure around the outdoor condensing unit. This reduced the decibel level from 50 dB down to 25 dB.

Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosure Installation 1


Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosure Installation

Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosure being assembled by ICE


Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosure

Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosure


Air conditioning acoustic enclosures are ideal for installations that are close to residential dwellings, where the noise and appearance of condensing units can cause planning issues.

With each air conditioning acoustic enclosure being manufactured specifically for the make and model of the unit being installed, the warranty of the equipment can be maintained.

For more information on air conditioning acoustic enclosure please visit our webpage,  or call 01928 568800.



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