Mechanical Services at the Royal Derby Hospital

ICE recently carried out the supply, installation and commissioning of mechanical services for a Linear Accelerator (Linac) Suite at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The project consisted of the supply, installation and commissioning of a Refcool TK7SP hybrid chiller unit, HTM 64 tap set and new ceiling diffusers.

The Linac chilled water pipework was chemically cleaned and a new alarm system for the temperature and flow pressure was installed.

The supply air ductwork in the treatment room was modified removing the existing linear diffuser and replacing with four new four way blow Waterloo diffusers. We also replaced the two return air grilles with similar. We also modified to the supply and extract ducting in the control room and carried out a ductwork clean as part of works.

On completion of the installation and when the services had all been connected, the plant was set up, commissioned and handed over, fully operational.

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