Past Projects

Below is a selection of some of the past projects Industrial Cooling Equipment have undertaken:

Major Pharmaceutical Company, North Wales
– 5°C Chillstore and – 25°C  Coldstore

ICE designed, supplied, installed and commissioned an insulated enclosed chillstore measuring 46 metres long x 21 metres wide and 12 metres high.

The chill store was designed to operate at a temperature of 5°C where the cooling came from two run and standby water/glycol chillers.

Within the area were installed 15 dual discharge type coolers that were fixed to the underside of the insulated roof of the chill store, with access for maintenance.

As part of the same project ICE designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a  -20°C coldstore.

This was a very prestigious project as the chill store was part of the development of a new factory and looked very impressive once the project had finished. The total project value was around ½ million pounds.

Pfizer Ltd, Sandwich, Kent
-20°C Coldstore & Defrost Room

ICE designed, supplied and installed:

  • A cold store – measuring 11 metres x 9.4 metres 5 metres high, constructed from polyisocyanurate polyurethane insulation panels, with thickness of 150mm. The floor was constructed of 40 Newton concrete laid on Styrofoam insulation panels and a heater mat to prevent frost heave. The air in the cold store is controlled by floor standing evaporators which circulate the air around the room and maintain a temperature of -20°C
  • A defrost Room – measuring 3 metres x 2.9 metres and 2.3 metres high, designed to operate at a temperature of 25/30°C with a corresponding dew point of -20°C, primarily to prevent ice forming on the product as it leaves the cold store.
  • A plant room – Designed to house the refrigeration compressors, air cooled condensers, control panel, desiccant drier and associated pre-cooler.

The equipment listed above was installed at a major pharmaceutical manufacturing company Pfizer.

Reebok stadium, Bolton

Piping and refrigeration systems to air conditioning air handling units serving function rooms.

Syria Project – Water chiller for high pressure cleaning

ICE designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a large water chiller, process skid and controls.

The process skids were built in the UK and were shipped to site (Syria) where they were assembled with the packaged chiller which was shipped from Italy, ICE then commissioned the equipment

The chilled water was required for a very high pressure (10,000psi) cleaning systems used out in the desert for the cleaning of the drill tips for oil drilling.

176 kW Ducted Oil Fired Heating system

ICE designed, supplied, installed and commissioned HVAC equipment for the anechoic chamber shown below.

The specified requirement was to maintain a temperature of not less than 16°C within the chamber when the ambient temperature was as low as 5°C, with no condensation formation during normal operation.

The chamber measured 27m long x 17.5m wide.

Pharmaceutical Storage Room, New York, USA

ICEs awarded a contract to design, supply, install and commission an insulated cold room to house robotic equipment used for pharmaceutical sample storage and an attached low dew point picking station.

The cold room was made from polyurethane to the walls with a white stelvetite finish, measuring 5.9metres x 2.7metres x 3.0 metres high.

The cold room temperature had a set point of -20°C ± 2°C, with an ambient temperature of ~30°C and the picking station was to be maintained at +4°C, -20°C dew point.

This project was very interesting logistically as the installation was in New York, USA.

Royal Cornwall Hospital – MRI Scanner Cooling System & Air Conditioning

ICE supplied, installed and commissioned a full chilled water distribution system to supply an MRI suite at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. The cooling system provided chilled water for heat exchangers that are designed to cool the helium gas that flows around the MRI scanner.

ICE also supplied and installed six direct expansion split systems for the surrounding rooms.