R22 Replacement

From 31st DECEMBER 2009 the use of virgin R22 in refrigeration systems was BANNED!  This is part of the Ozone Depleting Substance regulations and will also affect all blends containing R22 – R401A, R402A, R408A, R409A, R412A and R509.


What does this mean?

  • No virgin R22 can now be manufactured.
  • No virgin R22 can still be used even if it was purchased before the ban.
  • Stockpiling is ILLEGAL!!
  • Recycled or Reclaimed R22 can be used until December 2014


Many systems are still running on R22 – Time is running out and action is required now!


What are the options ?

Do Nothing
  • Very risky, relies on availability of recycled R22 – Which is increasing in price month on month.


r22 Replacement System
  • Expensive but potential future savings.
  • May benefit from the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme see www.eca.gov.uk


Change Refrigerant
  • Will depend on system age and condition.
  • Less expensive.
  • Some systems not suitable.
  • Performance may be lost


Choices when changing refrigerant

Drop in Refrigerant
  • Basically a HFC with a small amount hydrocarbon added to aid oil return.
  • R417A (RX59) for A/C applications.
  • R422A (RX79) and R422D (RX29) for medium and low temperature applications.
  • Reasonably close match to R22 performance.
  • Some UK supermarkets have started replacing R22 with R422D already – some issues have arisen.


Retro-Fitting System
  • These are HFC refrigerants but require an oil change.
  • Oil flush required.
  • Main candidates are low/medium temperature systems.
  • R407A – Good match to R22 and no valve change required
  • R404A – Requires valve change and has a high GWP.
  • R427A – Less capacity at low temperatures but similar to R407A.


How can ICE help ?

  • Free site surveys giving impartial advice and assistance in choosing the correct option for your R22 plant.
  • Ensuring good containment of existing R22 systems, through our maintenance programme  and ensuring adequate supply of Recycled R22.
  • Competitive quotations for changing refrigerant and retro-fitting of existing R22 systems.
  • Competitive quotations for renewal of R22 replacement equipment.
  • Recovery and disposal of R22 in line with current F Gas laws.


For more information on any of the above or to arrange a free site survey then please call 01928 568800 or email.